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Nappy Care

Caring for your Bonnibuns Nappies couldnt be easier !By following these easy instructions, you will ensure the best life expectancy for your Bonnibuns. Washing your nappies before use, is great for ridding the fabric of any dressings.  

You only need to wash your nappies once before use. Take into consideration, that bamboo becomes more absorbent over time, the more its washed. Maximum absorbency is achieved after approximately 5 washes.


Dry Pailing

When you remove your baby's nappy, drop any nasties into the toilet and put the nappy straight into a dry nappy bucket. There is no soaking required. In fact soaking in Napisan or any soakers is not recommended as it breaks down bamboo, PUL and other components of your nappy. If you live in humid parts of Australia, and not washing everyday, we recommend paling in a bucket of water. This will help eliminate mould from sporing.



 Wash your nappies on a normal cool - warm wash with about 1/2 the washing powder you use on a normal load. Adding an extra rinse ensures that all the washing powder and urine is washed out of your nappies. Please dont use any softners. They will cause your nappies to build up a resistance therefore not being as absorbent as normal. Bleach is also a big no-no. It will cause PUL and fabric breakdown not to mention damaging the color of your nappies.



Your nappies will dry best out in the sun with the inners facing the sun. The sun is a natural sanitiser and will also naturally bleach out any little stains left behind by the wash. Your nappies can be dried in the drier on a low heat however we only recommend you do this when necessary.



From time to time, you may find your nappies arnt as absorbent as they once where. Detergents, powders and other products can build up over time, causing urine to repel. Dont get frustrated! Its very easy to fix!

 A strip wash, will help eliminate any buildups of detergents and other products that occur over time. All you need to do, is pop all your nappies and inserts/trifolds into a hot wash, using a couple of drops of washing up liquid (a cup of vinegar is fine) and wash like normal. An extra rinse is recommended. Line dry as per normal.

Using an antibacterial rinse like Canasten or Dettol is fine in the final rinse.

If you have any further queries, dont hesitate to email me at bonnibuns@bonnibuns.com.au

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